DW'S Security Solutions has been established since 2010 in response to a severe shortage of reliable and trustworthy security practitioners in the security industry of South Africa. DW'S Security has since grown into a medium sized company which covers a large range of electronic security services. We cater for the entire  Western Cape.

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DW'S Security Solutions has extensive experience in:

  • Household Security 

  • Business Security 

  • Small Holding Security 

  • And Many More

Each area as listed above has its own unique set of requirements but all with one common goal which is to strive for a safer environment in which to live and do business.

DW'S Security believes in making South Africa a safer place for business and the population alike. We believe in the right to safety for all. DW'S Security has positioned itself as a leader in security related solutions. We offer the widest range of security solutions from small, medium to large installations.

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Security Systems Installation & Repairs

Installation And Repairs Of: House Alarms | Surveillance Cameras | Burglar Alarm | Wireless Alarm System | Motion Sensor Alarm | CCTV Installation | Sensor Alarm | Alarm System | Electric Fencing | Gate Motors | Intercom System | Electronic Locks

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Our security services extend beyond just alarm monitoring, we strive towards making our country safer for our families.

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We offer but not limited to the following services

Services We Offer

Intruder Detection Systems

We provide installation, repair and supply of intruder detection systems ranging  from Intruder Alarms, Control Panels and Motion Sensors through to fully integrated intrusion Electric Fencing, Intercom Systems, Door Control security installations.

CCTV Surveillance Systems

We use state of the art technology, like wireless CCTV Systems with HD picture quality making sure your surroundings are clearly visible at all times. While installing any of these solutions, we want to reduce and optimise your costs by helping you integrate these services without breaking the bank.

Gate Automation Systems

Protect visitors and employees by controlling access to your home, offices and public buildings.  As gate automation experts we supply a rangeof professional quality electric gate services from Gate Motors, Garage Door Motors, Intercom Systems, Remote Access to Backup Batteries and more.

  • Equipment Sales, Service, Repairs & Installation Of All Above Services Mentioned